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Paul Ryan is Sexy

Gosh, this guy is hot!

Bad haircut, but look at those muscles. And look at the size of his hands!

Where do I begin? Suck you, bang you, kiss you!


Jim Jordan is Sexy

Hey, Jim Jordan might not be for everyone, but he is definitely for me!

Gotta love a handsome guy with a perpetual five o’clock shadow. I bet his whole body is hairy!


Ben Quayle is Sexy

Perhaps he isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but Ben is kind of cute.

Look at the chest hair!

Adam Smith is Sexy

A little older, but you know what, he’s bangable.


Yes! Big feet!

Adam Kinzinger is Sexy

Another cutie from Illinois.

Here is with yesterday’s hottie, Aaron Shock!

I have no idea who this guy is shaking the stud’s hand, but he is hot too. Just imagine these two studs going at it in bed. Yum!

Another stud with awesome feet.

Oh yeah, take me!

Aaron Shock is Sexy

We’ll start off our showcase of PILFs with the classicly sexy Aaron Shock.

I love some sexy legs and nice feet!

And I love armpit hair.

Don’t you just wanna suck those nipples?

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